Top 12 Best Free New Movie Apps for Android & iPhone in 2018

I’m sure many of you might have used or heard about movie apps which let you watch movies for free. Today, our article is all about the best movie apps. So, in the recent days, a lot of new movie apps have been launched in the market. I’ll be introducing you to the newly launched movie apps and will also mention some of the best movie apps. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide which app suits and meets your requirements. So without wasting any further minute, let’s start our article with the new movie apps 2018.

New Movie Apps To Watch Movies And Tv Shows

1. Terrarium Tv

new movie app terrarium tv

So the very first movie app on our list is Terrarium Tv. The app was recently launched, it became a great hit after it’s launch. So far, people loving it for its simplicity and the way it works. Unlike other movie apps, Terrarium Tv app doesn’t require any credit card to start watching movies and shows. It’s completely free to download and use, you can watch movies as much as you want. It deserves a try, don’t forget to check it out.

2. Hubi

hubi new movie app for android

Hubi is another great app by which you can stream movies online. Not only just movies, Hubi also lets you watch Tv shows. The best thing about Hubi is its download feature. Let’s say; you like a particular movie or video, just hit the download the option to save it on your Android device. The team behind Hubi is quite active in updating the content of the app. You can expect all the latest movies or Tv shows to come on Hubi within a few days after its release. Fortunately, Hubi app is available for both Android as well as for IOS platform.

3. ViewSter

viewster movie app for android

ViewSter is one of the best movie apps, Viewster is giving a tough competition to all of its competitor in the market. One of the main reason behind its success its feasibility and simple navigation system. To watch movies or Tv shows, you don’t have to go through the signup or login process. Just download the app, and you’re all set to watch unlimited movies or Tv shows. I recommend you to use a good internet connection in order to have a flawless movie watching experience on Viewster.

4. ShowBox

showbox movie app for android download

Showbox is another movie app which has got huge fan base among movie freaks. Within a few days, Showbox has become a popular and favourite movie app for many people all over the world. The options of Showbox are super user-friendly and comes with a simple to use interface. You can not only watch movies on your Android device but also on your computer or Laptop. One of the best app for people who wants to watch movies on large screens.

5. Crackle

download new movie apps for android

Crackle is an excellent app for watching movies. You can find this app on Google Play Store. Also, Crackle received a lot of positive reviews. However, there is no download option to save any movie or video to your SD card. You can only watch movies online, apart from this, I haven’t found any flaws while using the app. I recommend everyone to give it a try. You can watch all type of movies on Crackle for free of cost, you don’t have to a penny.

6. Flipps HD

flipps new movie app download for android

Flipps HD is not only just a movie app to watch movies or shows. It’s more than you think. Flipps HD also provides viral and entertainment videos. It’s a great feature which you can use whenever you get bored with movies or shows. You can also watch viral videos, entertainment, latest movies or TV shows on your TV as well. Flipps HD is a great app which comes under new movie apps 2018. Just give it a try, I’m sure you will enjoy watching movies and shows with Flipps HD.

7. MegaBox HD

megabox hd movie app download for android

MegaBox HD is literally a new movie app which was recently launched. The app has managed well to gain a lot of fame and popularity since its release. As of now, MegaBox HD is available only for Android platform. The best thing about MegaBox Hd is its size; the app size is just 1.8 MB. Unlike other heavy movie apps, megaBox HD doesn’t consume much resources of your Android device. If you have a mid-range phone, then MegaBox HD is here to help you.

8. Bobby Movie Box

bobby movie box app download for android

If you are having an iOS device, then Bobby Movie Box is one of the best movie apps for you. Unfortunately, Bobby Movie Box is available only for IOS devices. The app lets you watch movies in Ultra HD quality which many apps doesn’t provide. If you are having a fast internet connection, then Bobby Movie Box would be your favourite app for some cool entertainment. No longer you have to sit in front of TV to stay updated with your shows; Bobby Movie Box can help you to stay updated always.

9. Newest Movie HD

new movie apps download for android

If you’re looking for something which lets you watch movies or TV shows without any subscription. Then Newest Movie HD is the best option for you. As the name itself says, Newest Movie Hd comes under new movie apps 2018. The app is very basic in terms of options and usage; it also lets you download the videos or movies and save it on your external storage. It also provides IMDB rating of movies and TV shows. Just download the app and install it on your Android device, and start watching movies in different qualities.

10. CinemaBox

newest movie apps for iphone download

CinemaBox is one of the oldest players in this field. Earlier, CinemaxBox used to be known as PlayBox Hd. After some time, the app’s name was replaced with CinemaBox. What makes CinemaBox special than other movie apps? Cinemabox provides a lot of advanced features like offline mode, subtitles support and much more. CinemaBox was featured in many Best Movie Apps lists over the years. The app was removed from Google Play Store and App Store due to certain restrictions, however, follow the link to download the app.

11. Play View

new movie app play view download

Play View is one more newest movie app designed for android and iOS. Unfortunately, Play View app has been removed from the google play. Moreover, you can download play view apk for your android device from here. Play View app provides instant access to all the new movies and tv shows for free. The purpose of the app may be similar to all other movie apps, but the way play view app assists its users is completely different and much better than the other apps. Select all your favourite movies and add them to a list and access them later.

12. Aero TV

newest movie app aero tv download

This is one of the new movie apps for iPhone iOS 10 & iOS 9. The interesting thing about the app is that it’s not available on the app store. But here is a quick method to Download Aero TV for iPhone or iPad. If there is a platform with no restrictions and limitations, that is Aero TV app. It provides you the best in class movies and suggests you the best based on your taste. Moreover, It will be the better alternative to watching tv, moreover, it is free of cost.