Aero TV iOS App Download: Watch Latest Movies, Live TV from More Than 80+ Channels

Aero TV is one of the Best iOS Movie Apps that provides you access to over 40+ Live TV Channels. If you have an iOS device, you are all set to get the app for free, let me show you how to get it.

Watching TV on TV days are no more; the technology has progressed a lot as the days were passing off. Now you don’t have to limit yourself to watch movies and sports. Now you can do almost everything from your smartphone itself.

But again, even in smartphones, variations exist. Many people actually prefer Android OS phones over any other OS. As they are very cheap compared to other OS in the market, that is again a different part but we are going to look at Aero TV iOS App in this article.

I will be guiding you how to download and Install Aero Tv on any iOS device. However, Aero app has not yet officially released for iOS devices. But still, there’s a way to install the app on any iOS-based device.

Also, the Aero Tv Apk is not yet released by their team. So I request you to wait till they officially release it, till then keep an eye on our website to know more updates.

aero tv app iphone download

You can also download new movie apps for your iPhone or Android and watch Tv Shows and Live Tv of course.

Aero TV iOS App Download for iPhone & iPad Without Jailbreak

Aero app is not yet available on App Store to download. So you need to take help of a third-party installer to download the Aero app. There are many third party apps which do this job, but the one which I like is Tutu App.

  1. At first, download the Tutu App from their official site and click on “Download Now” option and wait for few tv app on tutuapp vip
  2. Now, You should click on “Install” option which is there at the top right corner of the profile installation wizard on your iPhone. (Check out the image below).install aero tv ios app
  3. Enter Password of your iOS device to authenticate the process of installing Tutu app on your iOS device.enter password to download aero tv on iphone
  4. Click on Install Option that you can see right below the screen of your iOS device.Download Aero TV No Jailbreak from TUTU app
  5. Now you can see that the Tutu App Profile has been verified and it is safe to Install on your iOS device. Check out the Installation progress and wait for few seconds and the app will finish installing tv without jailbreak download from tutuapp
  6. Once the download is complete, just open the Tutu app. Search “Aero Tv” using the search tv app
  7. You’ll get the Aero app on results, just hit “Download” button to start the downloading of Aero Tv.
  8. Tutu app will ask you to Install AeroTV app on your iPhone and you need to click on “Install” instead of “Cancel“.install aero tv app on iphone
  9. As usual, the downloading may take a few minutes (Depends on internet connection speed)installing aero tv ios 10
  10. Within a few minutes, the installation will be finished. Now head over to the Settings, then Device Management, then select the correct certificate option and verify it.verify aero tv on ios 10 device
  11. That’s it; now you can start using the Aero Tv app on your iOS device without any movies on aero tv on iphone
  12. Choose any channel that you wish to watch and watch the live streaming or any movies on aero tv iphone app

Now you can stream any Tv channels right on your iOS device. You need to have a good internet connectivity in order to have a flawless experience. People with low internet connectivity speeds may face issues while streaming the Tv channels. So it is recommended to have a good internet connection.

In case of any errors and issues with your device, check out the best alternative method

given right below. You may also try out CB Online iOS app to watch out thousands of free movies and tv shows.

Aero TV on iOS 11 or iOS 10 Without Jailbreak Download – Using Hackz4iOS App

Hackz4iOS is hosted on Weebly but provides a lot of awesome apps that are not available on official app store. If you would like to watch Live TV Programs or Live Sports, you can find a lot of other apps as well along with Aero TV iOS Ap.

  1. Open using on your iOS device using Safari web browser.
  2. Navigate to the top left corner of the screen on your iPhone.
  3. Click on Movie and TV Shows drop-down menu.ios aero tv hackz4ios
  4. There you can see various other movie apps for your iPhone as well.
  5. Just locate the app and click on it with the active internet connection. Wait for few minutes and the app installation process will be wrapped up.

If you face any difficulty while installing the app from Hackz4iOS, that is probably due to “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”, check out the fix provided below.

How to Fix “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” while Installing Aero TV App?

It is a common error you will always see while installing apps from third party sources like TutuApp, Flekstore, Hackz4iOS, etc. Not to worry about it much, you just need to trust the developer profile on your iOS device and start using the app.

untrusted enterprise developer aero tv fixed

I will show you how it works.

  1. Once finished installing the app and able to see it on your Home Screen, you cannot launch it now. Go to Settings >> General >> Profiles and Device Management.
  2. There you will be able to see some developer names with some gear kind of icons.
  3. Tap the right one from which the Aero TV iOS App has come as a product.
  4. Then, you just tap “Trust” and provide necessary authentication if prompted.

That’s all! come back to the home screen of your iOS device and start exploring all your favourite stuff.

One of the best thing about Aero App is that it runs on any iOS-based device. You don’t even need to jailbreak your iOS device to run this app. However, Aero Tv is compatible only with iOS 8 or above versions only. If you are using earlier versions of iOS 8, you can try out the alternatives provided below.

How to Watch Live TV Shows on Aero TV on iPhone X and Older iOS Devices?

Installing an app is not a big task as you can find out a ton good resources and guides to do it. But it all depends on us to explore the stuff using the apps we have installed. All there in that, we just need to use it in a proper manner.

watch live tv on aero tv app

Firstly, Trust the developer profile and open up the application on your iPhone X or any other iOS device.

Later, you just navigate yourself to the Top Left Hamberger Menu to see the menu completely. Or else, you can choose any of the available Video Streaming Channels from the home screen of the app to watch live tv, live sports, etc.

You will be able to watch channels like MTV, National Geography, Syfy, CSN, TNT, TRT Sport, Cartoon Network, Laliga TV, CBSN TV, Capital TV, BBC News World, A&E, HBO, Fox Sports, Star Sports, etc.

Aero TV Alternatives to Try Out

Still, trouble using it on your iPhone X or old iPhones? don’t worry, you can go with the best alternatives as well.

aero tv alternatives

Bobby Movie App:

It’s one of the finest movie apps we have today. Looks simple but very powerful and wonderful app that provides you a lot of free movie apps, video talks, live channels for free. You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to get them all.


One more movie app that does not require jailbreaking the iOS device. Playbox is the lightest weighted movie app so far; you can install it on any of your iOS devices without any issues.


Name of the app has everything to talk about; yes, it’s one more great movie app for all kinds of iOS devices. If you are tired of searching for the best ones, you just give it a shot. Use the filters out there in the app to get all your favourite stuff at no cost.


So, guys, this was the easiest way to download Aero Tv for iPhone. And again, as I said earlier, Aero Tv Apk is not yet available. We’ll soon provide the guide to install the Aero Tv on Android phones. If you face any issues in this process, do let us know in the comment section. we’ll definitely get back to you as soon as possible.

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